Episode 26 // Waiting in Hope with Kelley Ramsey

Kelley loves to see people come to healing and hope through Jesus. She is a speaker, writer, teacher of all things infertility, women, faith and hope. As founder and visionary of Waiting in Hope National Infertility Ministries (WiH), Kelley helps launch new WiH local support groups throughout communities and churches across the country. She has a passion for discipleship and watching WiH leaders love on many women and couples wanting to grow their family but who instead find themselves getting lost in the struggle. Through her own journey of years of waiting, infertility treatment, endometriosis, surgeries, miscarriages, roadblocks, adoption dreams, and a calling to step out and share, Waiting in Hope was started. In finding purpose in her painful journey, Kelley has seen joy and hope take root and grow blooms of healing in her heart and thousands of others. A writer/creator of six WiH studies, her curriculum is now being used by hundreds of women each semester to guide them towards the true source of Hope.

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