Episode 13 // Even if You Don't with Abby Brown


Abby Brown is 24 years old and a born and raised Oklahoman. She is currently living her best life in Albany, NY with her husband Beau Brown. Beau is a Youth Pastor at Life.Church Albany and Abby is a free lance photographer. When she's not photographing things, which is a rare occasion, you can find her and her husband at a coffee shop or exploring the North East.

Abby and Beau had a whirlwind romance, they met and married within a year. And just like their engagement, their infertility journey has been fast and serious as well. Abby has experienced 3 miscarriages within a year which has lead them to have to do some serious testing. She shares how each one has invoked a different emotion and how she has brought those to God.

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